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A family swimming pool can bring so much joy and create memories of a lifetime but without a pool heater your pool can only be used for a limited time throughout the year.  Thankfully advancements in technology have made pool heating much more affordable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before.  That’s why so many Australians are now looking to extend their swim season and make their family pool even more enjoyable by investing in pool heating.

Not only does a heated pool extend your swim season and further maximise your pool investment but it also makes your pool more enjoyable especially for toddlers and elderly family members who experience water temperatures differently.  The average Australian pool temperature sits at about 20°C which can be uncomfortable particularly for younger children and elderly people who are prone to lose more body heat in cooler conditions. 

A comfortably heated pool allows you and your family to enjoy your family pool all year round, regardless the outdoor temperature. 

Heat pumps are one of the newest pool heating technology in the market and are becoming a popular choice for those who want a reliable pool heater that offers a consistent water temperature, lowest running costs while also being environmentally friendly.  Heat pumps offer flexible heating capabilities allowing users to heat their pool all year round, extend their swim season or use casually for events like a pool party.  

This method of heating is extremely energy efficient and can be up to 600% more energy efficient when compared to other heating technologies like electric element & gas heating. And unlike solar pool heating, a heat pump is not reliant on the weather so it can guarantee pool heating results no matter the outside weather conditions or season.

EvoHeat are 100% Australian owned and operated company and are the industry specialists in pool and spa heat pumps. For over a decade we’ve been building a solid reputation for pool and spa heating solutions that are renowned for reducing your energy bills and delivering reliability.   

If you are looking for a reliable, energy efficient pool heating solution, speak to us today and we can show you how we compare to other heating technologies in the market.


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