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Space and Water Heating

Whether it’s a water heat pump for the home, or grand-scale thermal energy for commercial and industrial facilities, Evoheat offer the latest technology. Smart, flexible and affordable, our range is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Eco-friendly and Responsible Solutions for Modern Life

As the scepticism about fossil fuels grows, domestic and commercial space heating systems have had to adapt. Heat pumps from Evoheat offer pioneering technology to ensure superior energy-efficiency and affordability.

Evoheat only use zero-depletion refrigerants, that are classified by international standards as being environmentally-sound. Our products are registered under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Act. So you can rest assured that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Commercial Space and Water Heating

Wherever people go to work, Evoheat’s products ensure that there’s a high level of comfort, productivity and operational success in the workplace. We have a comprehensive range of commercial space heating products and industrial hot water systems for all industries.

Domestic Space and Water Heating

Rain, hail or shine – Evoheat provide all-in-one thermal energy solutions for the home. Complete control over the weather isn’t possible. However complete control over your domestic water heating and cooling is possible with Evoheat.

The Savings Speak for Themselves

Gas Heating Versus Evoheat: Up to 50% reduction in hot water heating costs per year when you choose Evoheat.
Electric Element Heating Versus Evoheat: Up to 70% reduction in hot water heating costs per year, when you choose Evoheat.
* Comparison based on average energy prices of August 2010

Quick Reference Guide to Space and Water Heating

Product Series Suitable For kW Range Ambient Air Operating Range (Heating Mode) Water Inlet Temp Range Ambient Air Operating Range (Cooling Mode) Water Inlet Temp Range
HH Series Domestic Water Chilling and Heating 3 to 25 minus 10°C to 21°C 30°C to 50°C 15°C – 43°C 8°C – 28°C
PHE Series Pool Heating from other heat source 25 from heat source N/A from chilled water source N/A
Polaris HT Commercial/industrial Hot Water 13 to 56 minus 5°C to 45°C 30°C –75°C No cooling N/A
Cogeneration CHP Electricity generation and Hot Water 10 to 2000 minus 15°C to 50°C 50°C – 90°C No cooling N/A
Polaris Low Ambient Water Chilling and Heating in very cold climates 15 to 19 minus 25°C to 43°C 35°C –55°C 15°C – 43°C 8°C – 28°C
AC SERIES Space Heating and Cooling 1.5 to 2000 from heat source 50°C – 60°C from chilled water source 7
CHV Series Commercial/industrial water heating and chilling 29 to 1600 minus 10°C to 21°C 30°C – 50°C 15°C – 43°C 8°C – 28°C
Evo270 Domestic Hot Water 3.4 minus 7°C to 43°C 30°C – 60°C No cooling N/A
GS Water to Water Heating and chilling via geothermal, ground loop, water loop, open loop or cooling tower 9 to 3600 minus 15°C to 25°C 30 – 60°C 20°C -45°C 8°C – 28°C

Space and Water Heating Assessments From Evoheat

We can provide price comparisons with other heating methods. Then we will look at your usage patterns, energy costs and property to make our assessment. Then we will provide a completely customised return on investment scenario.

For a free no-obligation assessment of your suitability including cost comparisons, call us on (07) 3162 2213.